Alrighty, so firstly I want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH ABLIC, keep the updates coming!

I am wikileegs and I am super exctied for the new Fantasy of Minecraft mod! It's adding a whole new level to the possiblities of Minecraft. I feel that FoM could play a roll in the future of Minecraft on a global scale if Albic keeps up the good work. Right now (FoM 1.25, 6/1/2012)only the Warrior class is available, but the races are set-up and allow for a little bit of customization. As soon as the rest of the classes are up and running, I will create a multiplayer world where anyone play along with me for some MMORPG-ing (Minecraft Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game). Im not sure if other mods work with FoM, I'm thinking about possibly using a dungeon mod for some awesome group questing, or maybe Ablic will make us dungeons and challenging mobs!

If anyone has ideas about for my future realm I would be glad to hear them. My in-game name is currently Sanbojac, but I could possibly change it in the future. I promise to keep blogging and discussing the features of FoM as they come out.