New items called recipes were added to Fantasy of Minecraft, in this page I will be covering what recipes do and how to craft them and the possible outcomes of each one of them.

Recipe ScrollEdit

Recipe scroll the the base of bases, you will not be able to make a recipe without a recipe scroll, before doing anything you have to create a recipe scroll. It can be crafted by Leather and / or Paper

Tool RecipesEdit

After crafting Recipe Scroll there are many recipe you can craft from that, right now I will be covering all the tools. The tools include; Shovel, Hoe, Axe, Pickaxe, Nail, Hammer, Knife and Sword. By using mostly pictures I will be showing how to create each recipe. To use tool recipes you will have to craft an Anvil.

Armor RecipesEdit

As I mentioned before there are a lot of recipes, therefore I have seperated them in different sections to make easier for our readers. In this section I will show how to create all the armor recipes mainly by pictures so it is easier to understand.

Other RecipesEdit

There are two other recipes in fantasy of minecraft, and those are Door Recipe to craft iron doors and there is Ore Block Recipe from which you can craft ore blocks, for example create iron block from 9 iron ingots, this same goes for gold and diamonds. you can craft theses recipes by